Short and Sweet.

… and totally adorable.

I wont write much in this post either!

Hah.  Ronan is sitting next to me, entirely naked and still wet from a mid-afternoon bath he requested.  Of course, he’s playing with his wiener.  No diaper? That’s okay, there’s a toy between your legs!  Boys.

Let me say, quickly, that one should never expect the best case scenario when planning for a difficult situation.  I worked last night, and assumed Ronan would sleep in late today as he did yesterday.  Nope.  Up at seven.  I thought, “Maybe he’ll take a four hour nap today, like he did yesterday!”  Nope.  Two teeny hours.  My sweet sitter is sick, and I figured staying awake with Ronan wouldn’t be that difficult.  Um.

If you’ve had any dealings with me today, I apologize.  I am showing more crazy than normal.  I blame the lack of sleep.

Also?  The poor kid got my vomit bug on Saturday night.  And poor Brock was up with him until nearly midnight, catching him and holding him every time he threw up, cleaning up after him, brushing his teeth, and trying to get him to drink something.  It has not been a good month for us.

On the up side, we’re both feeling better.  I’d love for that to stick around for a while.

Also again! I went to a friend’s Mother’s Blessing-style baby shower on Saturday… and I brought my camera.  Turns out, I was the only one who brought a camera, so I spent a lot of time trying to capture the afternoon.  We had SO much fun.   Never underestimate the value of having a kid free afternoon with a bunch of other moms.

Anyhow… when it came time to send her the pictures I had taken… man, it was nervewracking!  I’ve never had that feeling before.  Will she like them?  Did I do a good job?  Will she pretend to like them?  HA!  It must be more stressful than I imagined to be a professional photographer.

And.  That’s all I’ve got for today.

Except… if you read my blog… Thank you.  I love you, and appreciate your support.  I don’t know if I’ve ever said that before, and decided I should.

So thanks.

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  • glad you guys are feeling better 🙂 long may it continue!

    .. and did she like the pictures? xx

    • She said she did!! <3

  • Glad to hear that you’re starting to feel somewhat better.

    As for Ronan post-bath, the entry that Cake Wrecks has today (11/22) has to be pure coincidence:

    Hope you get a good laugh; after the past week or so, it sounds like you could use one.

  • Glad you all are feeling better!

  • The peek a boo butt is too cute!!

  • Taryn

    Great job Mandy keep up the amazing work your readers appreciate the blog!

  • So happy that you’re feeling better.
    Those buns? Oh, my those buns are cute.

  • love you, and love your gorgeous little nakey-butt kiddo! sooo happy you are feeling better. last year, october was the worst month EVER for my family, so i totally feel you. (;

    happy thanksgiving, lovely friend! XOXOXOXO!!!

  • Great stuff here. Have a great holiday season.

  • Stephany

    I hope you still love me – even though it takes me a few weeks to catch up on your blog! And I am so happy and so thankful that you took photos for me at my Mother’s Blessing. I hope you know there was no pressure! I was just so glad someone brought a camera! Hehe. I love you, dear friend – your presence was the best present ever.