Blog Already!

Ok, here goes.  I have opened my laptop, and I haven’t gone to any page except this one.

Why, you ask?  Because my laptop is only good for about 20 minutes at a time now, and I get stuck reading blogs, on twitter, or playing on Facebook and then a blog doesn’t get written.  I think I’ll just do a list style wrap up of what’s been going on.

Brock quit his job two weeks ago.  Yesterday was his last day.  He is now staying at home with Ronan and I full time.  It may not be the smartest decision we’ve ever made financially, but when it comes to our family it was absolutely the best choice.  The level of pure ‘happiness’ in our house has never been higher, and it’s wonderful.

I am 29 weeks pregnant.  A stretch of complications has made everyone worried that our little girl may not stay put until her due date, but we’ve taken steps to try to ensure things will be okay.  I didn’t want to blog about this because I didn’t want my mom to say “I told you so,” and try to convince me that I shouldn’t have any  more kids.  However, I haven’t had any real contractions in several days, and taking things easy seems to really be working well for me.

In other pregnancy news, baby girl turned breech the other day.  I KNOW this for a fact, because I love feeling little baby kicks across my bladder… however, I do NOT love feeling little baby kicks directly to my bladder and *ahem* rectum *cough*.  I have had very few moments this pregnancy where I haven’t felt excited and lucky to be pregnant, but getting a good swift kick to the pooper really makes you think twice about carrying a kid inside of you.

And LASTLY in pregnancy news!  I haven’t blogged much about this either… when we were pregnant with Ronan, we didn’t tell anyone what we were going to name him.  Mostly because we didn’t know yet, but we didn’t want to deal with all of the outside commentary on the name we had picked.  This time around, we decided on a name that we both loved early in the process and for some reason became willing to share it with others.  Even though we LOVED the name, we didn’t say it was “her” name because we both feel that it’s important to meet our baby before we pick her name forever.  Despite this, people have constantly been asking me how “baby Ruby” is doing… and while it’s entirely sweet, I want to make sure everyone knows – we may not name her that.  Please do not be offended or upset if we end up bringing home a baby named something entirely different.

To be completely honest, the fact that people are already calling her Ruby makes me want to change the name… just because.  Please don’t take it personally, or even feel like you need to apologize if you are guilty of doing this!  It’s my own particular neuroses, and I’m sure I’ll get over it.  Just be willing to wait and see what her name is when we get there!

Ronan?  Ronan is a constant challenge and joy.  He’s full of energy and fun now that he’s finally feeling better – or as my mom would say, he’s full of piss and vinegar.  He wants to go, go, go and being inside due to the cold weather is not his favorite thing.  Because of the contraction action, as I’ve been calling it, I have been less willing and less able to get up and go every time Ronan asks, and that frustrates him.  His latest habit is growling like some sort of animal and trying to bite me.  In all fairness, the first time he did it, it scared the crap out of me and I screamed… and then laughed.  So to him it’s the most awesome game ever.

I guess I’ll wrap this up now.  11 weeks to go, but we’d settle for 8.  Ronan turns two on February 23rd.  There are 23 more days until Christmas, and this year is flying by ENTIRELY too fast.

  • Cate

    I love hearing about how happy your house is right now! And your tweet about the lightsaber…adorable!

    Also, I laughed so hard I almost choked when I read about Ronan growling at you and you screaming! Hahaha :-)

    Glad you and baby girl are doing well. And I bet she’ll be super sweet no matter what you all decide to name her.

  • Sarah

    Hoping she stays in for a while longer. We didn’t tell anyone Carsyn’s name. The first time we told everyone Dustyn’s name, it was kind of annoying. Dustyn will be 3 February 29th. :)
    Sarah´s last blog post ..Weekly Weigh-In Week 26

  • Janus

    It sounds to me as though the little one is saying, “Get this crap out of here!” 😉
    Janus´s last blog post ..Fortune Crushing

  • Dahnya

    Reading about “baby ruth” reminded me of the Friends episode where Ross & Rachel are trying to decide the name of their baby…Mandy, if you are not a Friends fan, you need to youtube this. It’s hilarious!

    Sidenote, thanks for sharing all these little insights on being pregnant. I NEVER would have thought about a baby pressing your back parts!! AH! It’s good stuff to now when I’m ready to the plunge into motherhood. :)

  • MOM

    I would NEVER say :I told you so. LOL I wouldn’t have to !

  • Janus

    Just remember this: Time flies like an arrow — fruit flies like a banana.
    Janus´s last blog post ..More Than A Screeching Halt Here

  • Stephany

    I already told you this: naming a baby out of spite is a great idea. That’s how I chose all my names. <3