Head Down!

I seriously have about 10 blog topics running through my head at all times.  I’m usually experiencing a situation and thinking to myself, “How would I write about this?”

Only to find that I sit down to write, and there is nothing there.  Yeah, I know… get a notebook already!  I wish I could just blog the moment an idea comes.  But whatever.  I’ll settle for this.

Baby girl turned head down Saturday night.  I was so busy at work, I honestly didn’t notice until I got home and crashed into bed.  She did her usual “mommy’s trying to fall asleep” mambo, and all the kicks were in all the right places.  I literally felt anxiety and stress leave my body in that moment.  I can’t even begin to say how worked up her being breech got me, as silly as that is.  I tell my patients ALL THE TIME not to worry, and that babies can turn head down as last-minute as an hour before delivery.  I had even already discussed the possibility of a breech vaginal delivery with my midwife, so it wasn’t as though I had a golden ticket to a c-section.  I just… couldn’t stop thinking.  And worrying.  And hoping.

Every single night when I went to bed, I would dream that she had turned down again, and every single morning when I woke up I would wait for those first kicks only to be disappointed.  Now that she’s turned?  I find I don’t have anything I can complain about!

Ronan has been having more sleep troubles again.  He hasn’t fallen asleep before 11pm yet this week.  We keep going back and forth between growing pains, teething, and him feeling unsettled because his home life has entirely changed – dad is home all day now!  My lovely friend, Stephany, pointed out to me something that I had entirely forgotten; when children are going through a big developmental leap, they tend to have trouble sleeping.  The moment she said this, it was like a window opened up in my brain.  D’oh!  I should have thought of that.  So keep your eyes open for updates.

Also?  I made an amazing cloth diaper purchase the other day.  I can’t wait to get them in the mail!  We are still using Flips on Ronan with much success, and want to start baby girl out in something more fitted until she’s big enough for one-size diapers.  I only got 12, and I know that’s aiming a little low as far as laundry is concerned, so I’m going to buy a dozen prefolds as well.  Time to move up (or down?) in the cloth diapering world!

I am 30 weeks pregnant and Ronan is 21 months old.

  • http://www.catelinden.com Cate

    Yay for baby girl! I’m so glad she’s head down now…a breech delivery would make me nervous too. :-/

    Also, now I’m the one to say “d’oh!” regarding sleep. Simone’s been a little terror in the sleep department lately, but has also been going through a lot of developmental changes. So maybe that’s it!
    Cate´s last blog post ..Frugal Luxuries

  • Stephany

    I can’t wait for the arrival of our huge box of FB! I’m such a dork. 8)

  • http://www.lovingmylifeblog.com Sarah

    YAY! Glad that she turned!!!
    Sarah´s last blog post ..Manic Monday

  • http://www.alotofloves.com Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves

    Things sound like they’re great!
    Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves´s last blog post ..How to Pull Out of Funk

  • http://janusfiles.xanga.com Janus

    You’re in the home stretch, Mandy. Just keep telling yourself, All Will Be Well.
    Janus´s last blog post ..My Workout For The Week

  • Courtney

    Not sure what you think of Chiropractic, but just FYI, there is a chiropractic technique called the Webster technique that can really help to turn a breech baby. The Dr I work for is certified in it and I have seen him successfully help many a pregnant mommy close to her due date with turning her stubbornly breech baby.