Change of Pace

We have changed gears.

It is a funny situation when your whole focus, the point of your being, goes from doing everything possible to keep the baby in… to suddenly wanting the baby out.

Since around 27 weeks, I have been modifying my activity to be sure I didn’t cause contractions. I haven’t picked up my son, done laundry, haven’t vacuumed the living room or had sex with my husband. I have been trying to take it as easy as possible at work. All I could think about, every single day, was making sure I didn’t have a premature baby.

And then…

…and then we crossed the imaginary line in the sand. 37 weeks on Saturday and suddenly everything is okay. Suddenly, if she comes, we’ll be fine. She’ll be healthy. Everything will be okay. As a matter of fact, it you want her out a little sooner, go ahead and start – insert previously abstained activity here.

The change of pace is unsettling. On one hand, I want her in my arms… I want to hold her. I want to know she’s healthy and everything is okay. On the other hand, just because we have crossed that line doesn’t mean we are ready. I need a little more time. I can’t just turn my brain around and start working to get her here sooner than when she’s ready.

I need to pack a birth bag. I need to wash baby clothes. I need to get the carpets cleaned and buy a mattress cover for my bed. She needs to wait just a little longer. The numbers say it’s okay for her to be here, but my heart says let’s wait.

Of course, if I want to make sure that she won’t be here before Valentine’s day, all I need to do is go out and buy her a perfect V Day outfit… that’s almost a guarantee.

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  • I remember when we were prepping for our twins. My wife was in the hospital about 10 weeks (preterm labor) before they sent her home because that line had been crossed (34 wks in our case). She made sure to be completely still until right at 37 wks and then bam: Two new healthy boys.

    Prayers that y’all will be ready as you need to be!

    • Wow… good for her for making it to 37 weeks! Now that we’re passed the hump, I’m hoping she’ll be here before 42 weeks. Thanks for reading. 😀

  • Just be sure that you’re not doing all of those previously abstained activities all at the same time. 🙂

  • Aww! What a great post saying where you are right now. Go ahead and buy the outfit, ha ha! Good luck. Hope you get everything straight.

  • Jackie

    I can’t believe you’re so close already! I can’t wait until I’m reminiscing about my 27 week mark, as I’m almost there. (one more week!) but I’ll be rejoicing at the 32 week mark. (St Patricks Day) because as of that date, my babies can be born healthy here in town. I have nothing but good wishes and positive thoughts for you and the safe healthy birth of your little girl, and remember, you can always buy a nice valentines outfit in the hospital gift shop!

    • AH! I can’t wait to hear that you’ve hit that 32 mark! Makes everything much less stressful 😀

      I just hope she’s here before Valentine’s day! But I’ll be okay if she isn’t, too. I hope! Thanks Jackie <3

  • Sounds as though you’re about ready to act like a lifeguard, blow a whistle, and say, “You! Out of the uterus!”

    • I’m not /quite/ to that point yet, but getting closer… as long as she’s here before my parents are.