Christmas Passed.

We had a lovely Christmas, all around.

I didn’t take enough pictures… I spent far too much time enjoying the day.  I just wanted to share a few of the good ones that I DID take.

Our tree and gifts, with Ronan’s new Balance Bike

Ronan enjoying play time outside and Grandmom and Granddads.

Dad taking the hill full speed with Ronan, the car, Ed out back and Flint in the lead!

Two bikes for two boys… the night before Christmas.

Heh.  (Hi Brady!)

And I had to throw in a handsome picture of my wonderful husband.  Cause I can.  And cause I love him.

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  • Nice photos. And it looks like you weren’t feeling completely miserable during Christmas, if you were able to take some decent photos.

  • Great post. Looks like a lot of fun!