My Confessional.

I confess that…

… I can’t stop myself from picking up my phone if I wake in the middle of the night.

… I am so beyond tired of people asking me if we are “done with two”.

… I want my house to be so clean, so badly and have no energy to make it happen.

… my mom is supposed to be coming as soon as this baby is born, and I’m not letting myself get my hopes up.

… I am actually really getting my hopes up.

… I am most excited to have a new baby because I miss breastfeeding so desperately.

… beyond a shadow of a doubt, I’m terrified to have a baby GIRL.

… we actually do NOT have a name picked out.

… it doesn’t stress me out at all.

… I have been so excited to get the nursery done, and it probably wont happen before she gets here.

… I am actually okay with that. I could use some help.

… I occasionally throw make-up on over make-up as a ‘refresher’ because I didn’t shower.

… I am in no hurry for baby girl to get here, but I am so tired of working I hope it’s sooner than later.

… 12 hour shifts now feel 20 hours long, and I’m exhausted at the end. And in the middle. And usually at the beginning.

… I was going to buy a new lens for my camera, and I bought an iPhone 4 instead.

… I laugh each and EVERY time I fart, and baby girl jumps.

… I am actually counting down the hours until we are cleared to come off of ‘pelvic rest’ (translation: we can have SEX again.)

… I am the Queen of Overshare.

… I figured if you didn’t accept that, you wouldn’t be here.

… I want to comment on every single blog that I read, and hate that I don’t get around to it.

… I am LOVING taking pictures every day, even when it sometimes feels like a chore.

… I like tea.

… I still have major issues surrounding jealousy and adultery, stemming from my past. They are mostly silly, and I’m glad that Brock can laugh at me about it.

… I stopped writing this in the middle, and instead of finishing, I am just going to hit ‘submit’.

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  • I love your confessions. lol. Hoping she makes her appearance soon. I still feel bad that I didn’t do a nursery for Carsyn, so if hers isn’t done before she gets here no big deal. 😀 I love tea too.

  • Jackie

    what a neat idea for a post! Why are you on pelvic rest?? Don’t stress about her name, it’ll come sometime. I am so tired of people assuming we’re “done with two” too!!

    PS – I like tea too 🙂

  • Holly

    I totally put make-up on make-up, especially when i’m pregnant because I’m tired Andy face is clearer than ever 🙂 I have my ultrasound tomorrow. Any pointers? Can I tell the sex without them telling me? I’m excited!
    So excited your having a girl. Good luck with thename and nursery!

  • I rather guessed the whole “Queen Of Overshare” thing from the two immediately preceding comments.

  • Rosie

    You have my permission to name her Rosie 😉

  • MOM

    You have my Permission to get your hopes up because nothing will keep me away this time. I even have the bus schedule printed so I can take the bus and then take the shuttle to airport. Long as the planes are flying I will be there. btw how do you feel about Morgan Rose? Just a thought. Ronan and Morgan sound like good brother and sister names, but I’ll love her no matter what you call her!

  • Courtney

    Absolutely LOVE this!