Project 365 {Week 3}

I didn’t have a great photography week.

Not only did I have a hard time remembering to take pictures, I didn’t really get into what I was taking shots of.  I took one or two of each subject and moved on.  It doesn’t make for great photos.

I also didn’t attempt to take many pictures of Ronan this week, which is  unusual.  I have tried to challenge myself by not using my kids as my ONLY subject (and this may get harder when baby girl arrives).

To the other linkee’s: I try to comment on as many of your posts as I possibly can.  The weekends are really tough for me as I work the overnight shift, and sleep during the day.  Please be patient with me!  I will get to commenting a little later in the week!  And THANK YOU for all of your comments – suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome.  I’m here to LEARN.   😀

On to this week:

January 15

Ronan loves his chalkboard.  Each creation makes me grin.

January 16

I dunno why… change on a paint can caught my eye.  The blue will one day be the guest bathroom.

January 17

Some of the sweet colors in Baby Girl’s fluffy stash.  This picture doesn’t do justice how TINY they are.

January 18

This was a gift from my Grandma.  The detail of her wings struck me in this one, even though it seems like her hands and book are out of focus.  It also plays the most beautiful song.

January 19

Ronan finds this position to be the most effective for playing with cars.  I love it.

January 20

Hula HOOPS!  If you don’t hula hoop, you should.  Speaking of… now that I’m 37 weeks and full term, I need to get back in the groove.

January 21

The first preview of the nursery.  I know, it’s BRIGHT.  But I’m really diggin’ it.

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  • I love these. Can’t wait to see the nursery finished. I love the cloth diaper shot and the one of Ronan. So cute. You did a really great job this week.

  • My son plays cars in teh same position…How sweet! I think your photos are great! I agree, I had a hard time finding things this week but I did nonetheless. 🙂

  • I love the bright nursery! It looks great, it is seriously hard for me to take non-Graham pictures too.

  • Deb

    Great photos! I love Rowan playing on the floor with his cars. My boys are teens now so it’s been a long time since they did that. Looking forward to seeing the nursery and new baby soon!

  • My son lays the same way when playing with cars. Precious!
    Your nursery looks like it’s gonna be cute!

  • These are great shots and they all tell a little story. Ohhhhhhh I remember those days when my boys would lie on the floor with their cars and me along side. Ronan certainly is very interested in those wheels and his eye lashes look so good from that angle too.

    Take loads of the kids – when they get to the age mine are they are not interested in getting photographs taken unless it’s one of their friends taking the shot.

    I can’t wait to see a little more of your nursery. Those colours look lovely 🙂

  • These turned out GREAT! I love the abstract hola hoop shot. And the chalk board art, so CUTE!!!! 😀

  • Who knew diapers could make for such a great, colorful photo!

  • I think you did a great job this week. I sympathize with the trying to remember to take photos everyday and not taking more than one or two of each subject/object. since it is frigid here today, leaving the house to take a picture is not at the top of my “want” to do list. haha.

    I really like the change on the paint can, also really love Ronan playing with his car, its adorable.

  • Great photos! My boys play on the floor like that all the time too.

  • Your photos this week are great! I love your shot of Rowan on the floor! So cute! I love the color you picked for the nursery. We had something similar in our office (except we had it on the entire wall) and we were very happy with its cheerful effects

  • I love the photo of the cloth diaper. I only take pics of kiddos so I can make sure I’m documenting everything. They grow up so fast.

  • Well I will have to say that I LOVED your week in pictures. They turned out great. Thanks for stopping by, hope you will link up with us next week!! hugs

  • Love the fluff! I have diapers in my 365 post this week, too! 😉

  • Amy

    Love the green nursery!

  • Do you have any video of Ronan at his chalkboard?

    • Seriously… I don’t yet. That is terrible. I will remedy that as soon as possible ><