Snow Much Fun.

We had so much fun taking Ronan outside to play in the snow!  I pretty much love all of these pictures… even the two that have me in them (wearing a TERRIBLE hat.)

Some pictures are over exposed, but I’m working on it.  I love my camera.


Um… what is this stuff?

Ronan and Pops taking a stroll.

Dad showing Ronan how to make a snowball.

“BAAAAAAAAA!”  (Ball!)

Brock says, “Do your Facebook face!”

Hah, I love this face.


The family picture I have been dreaming of.

Oh, this boy.  I love him so.

  • Amy @ babybabylemon

    Oh how cute! He looks like he is having such a good

  • Sarah

    I love them all. I think you looks great! What a fun time.
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  • Janus

    In that last photo, Ronan looks as though he were caught getting ready to lob that snowball at Mommy.
    Janus´s last blog post ..Yes- Its A Cold

  • Dahnya,

    COOL pics!
    Dahnya,´s last blog post ..Yukon kiss Christmas goodbye