Life is Good.

You know your life is about to change, but you don’t actually comprehend how much.

Ruby Kate has been a part of my life for four whole days now, and everything is different.  I don’t know why we hold on to that ideal of ‘normalcy’ – hoping to get back to it as soon as possible.  I wish I could let myself be okay with ‘different’ for a while… even if different means messy, out of sorts, exhausted and frustrated.

Ruby is such a wonderful baby.  When she fusses, boy it MEANS something… you just have to figure out what it is!  She will not abide a messy diaper.  She loves the boobie, and is a pro-nurser already.  Her sleep is fitful and sporadic right now, but I expect that to level out.  “This too shall pass” never gets forgotten.  She makes the most beautiful noises in her sleep, and has a petite little cry.  Her smiles?  The sleepy ones?  They aren’t little smirks, they are full on GUMMY GRINS, and I love them so much.

She is so teeny tiny, I sometimes find it overwhelming.

I have had some passing blues – not baby blues, but just blues.  Maybe weeps?  Just need to cry, and then I feel better afterwards.

Ronan is behaving almost exactly as we’d expected him to – Ruby was cool and new for the first day, and now that she hasn’t gone away yet, she’s getting the full on ignore treatment.  Mostly he wont even look at her, and pretends she’s not around.  I’m okay with that!

Brock is so in love.  He was hesitant about having a girl, and how different it would be – but now that he’s here, he’s entirely smitten.  He loves to tell me how beautiful she is.  When he holds her, he can’t take his eyes off of her.  He told me the other day that having a baby is “so much neater” this time around, because we know what we’re doing, and can relax a little.  We can just enjoy the moments.

We are really enjoying the moments.

I have a zillion pictures, both from birth and after, but my PC isn’t up and running right now, so I have no way to get them off of my camera.  Not only that, I’m 2 full weeks behind in my 365 photo project.  I fully intend on catching up.  Eventually.

Sorry if this is disjointed and out of sorts, but my momma brain is tired.  And happy.  And in love.

My parents get here Wednesday.  I can’t wait for them to meet her.

Life is good.

Ronan turns 2 in 9 days, and Ruby is 4 days old.

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  • So great. Enjoy it all.

  • Leslie

    Sounds like you are adjusting very well to being a mother of two, I had lots of crying spells for the first month (and yesterday for that matter) I think it is important. Ethan really didn’t like Wyatt at first but now he won’t go to sleep without kissing him goodnight. Soon Roana will realize she isn’t leaving and love her! Love all the pictures! Ruby is just too cute!!

  • Andrea

    This is great to hear. Glad everything is going good. I think it’s neat that your kids’ birthdays are so close together. I hope they will think so too!

  • Do you think Ronan would have been more interested if Ruby had been a “birthday present,” so to speak?

    • Probably not. His comprehension of “baby” as well as his comprehension of his “birthday” and “present” aren’t high enough for it to make a difference. He warms up to her, and then cools off again. Just a big adjustment period 🙂

  • And how is Flint reacting to Ruby? Is he thinking, “Oh, God, not another one”? 🙂

  • I can’t believe Ronan will be 2 in 9 days. Crazy! Dustyn will be 3 in 12 days. I can’t wait to see more photos. I can’t remember, but do you live in NC?

  • I’m so happy for you all! Enjoy these early days…I still pine for Simone’s newborn-hood. 😉

    <3 you!