Poor Pooper.

I am about to write an entire blog post about Feces.

You have been warned.

When Ronan was a newborn, he pooped a lot.  A LOT.  Every single feeding, we had to change him before we nursed, and then we’d have to change him again after we finished nursing.  I remember wondering if it was normal for a baby to poop that much.  Every single night was wake, diaper, nurse, diaper, sleep.

His poops were always ‘normal’ breastfed poops – mustard yellow, seedy and very loose.  There were many-a-diaper blowouts.


Ruby doesn’t poop.

She poops about once every three days.  And her poops are yellow, but they are solid.  And she has to WORK SO HARD to get them out.  Also, when she finally DOES poop, she poops 3 days worth of it, and it takes over half an hour to get it all out.  I end up just letting her lay on a towel with no diaper.  It’s a lotta-poop!

The pediatrician said it’s normal, and not to worry unless she goes a week without pooping.  But come on.  She’s so tiny, and that has to be SO uncomfortable.  I don’t like going a couple days without pooping!

I don’t know that there is anything I can do.  I have started giving her a probiotic but I haven’t noticed much of a difference.  The poor girl toots up a storm.

As young as she is, I’m not going to offer her juice or any sort of stool softener.  I just hope it gets a little better for her.

Anyways.  Poop.


  • http://www.tripsdad.com Kevin

    Our J was the same way as Ruby. There really is nothing you can do for her right now, but when she does transition to baby food, lots of pears. Our poor J is still that way, hopefully little Ruby grows out of it!
    Kevin´s last blog post ..Triplets and Candy

  • Jackie

    have you thought about taking some probiotics or eating more fiber?? benefiber is a great way to get more fiber without feeling like you’re eating down the wilderness!

    • http://www.tempestbeauty.com/about-this-blogger/admin/ Mandy

      I take a probiotic, and have been giving it to Ruby as well. I don’t think fiber passes into breastmilk, but it’s her that’s having the problems pooping! (I poop every day :D) <3

  • Jackie

    It was just a thought! I know so little about what gets into breastmilk etc, but at least you aren’t having problems too!

    • http://www.tempestbeauty.com/about-this-blogger/admin/ Mandy

      No worries! I appreciate the comment and the help <3 I don't know if you are planning on breastfeeding your two incredible babes, but if you are – it never hurts to start reading now! http://www.kellymom.com has been the most incredible resource for me through my BF journey. :)

  • http://www.catelinden.com Cate

    All I have to say is that I LOVE your attitude toward sharing…and I hope Ruby starts feeling better!
    Cate´s last blog post ..Master Bathroom- After

    • http://www.tempestbeauty.com/about-this-blogger/admin/ Mandy

      HAH! Queen of overshare. <3

  • http://janusfiles.xanga.com Janus

    I’m sure that when you were pregnant, you heard “every baby is different” or some variation thereof more times than you care to remember. This is one of those instances, unfortunately.

    Maybe you can take this as a good sign. Maybe this will mean that you will have Ruby potty-trained before Ronan.

    Okay, I’m having a hard time buying that one myself. I’m wishing I could think of something more encouraging.
    Janus´s last blog post ..Unneccessary Detour

    • http://www.tempestbeauty.com/about-this-blogger/admin/ Mandy

      If this brings on early potty-training… I’m all for it! 😀

  • http://www.dahnya.blogspot.com Dahnya, dahnya@gmail.com

    I’m not laughing at Ruby but, I have to say this was pretty funny to read. Even though I do feel bad for the lil tot (and mommy). Nonetheless, good post! Hope the tide changes. :)
    Dahnya, dahnya@gmail.com´s last blog post ..Fugly day

    • http://www.tempestbeauty.com/about-this-blogger/admin/ Mandy

      Hah! You have full permission to laugh at our poop problems! <3

  • Becca

    Poor Ruby.

    Riley was the same way :( She would go once every 6-8 days. We had to go a few times for enemas/suppositories because it would get impacted. I felt awful for her. We did belly rubs and ‘bicycle legs’ with her which seemed to help some

    I hope she feels better soon.


    • http://www.tempestbeauty.com/about-this-blogger/admin/ Mandy

      Thanks Becca <3

  • Nancy

    Hey Mandy-Juliana had ALOT of this issue as well and when she was too small for miralax, we were told to put her in warm, warm water every day and it would relax her bottom enough to at least make it a bit easier to pass through or promote more often movements. This also included holding very warm towels on her little booty when she’s in the middle of pooping to ease it also. Good that there are two of you available as it requires switching them out to keep them warm every few minutes while she’s going. It did seem to help a little bit so it may be worth a try.