Another writing piece!

I am going to try to participate in this more regularly, so you can expect to see more of these. I really enjoy writing them, so I hope you enjoy reading them.

This weeks prompt:

Water gives life. It also takes it away.

Write a short piece – fiction or non-fiction – inspired by one or both of these statements.

Word maximum is 600.


My contractions were fierce and regular, just minutes apart with little respite between.

I watched the water level rise in the dark blue birthing pool set in the middle of the room. Impatiently, I walked round and round, dreading each contraction as it arose. I was demanding and focused wholly within myself; my loving husband was subject to my every desire. The pressure of the contractions required his counter-pressure, and he couldn’t be more than an arms reach away without the thready wisps of panic beginning in my belly along with another wave of pain.

I didn’t ask. The pool was nearly half full, so I stepped in. My foot recoiled involuntarily from the unexpected heat, but I pressed on. Another contraction was mounting, and I desperately wanted whatever relief the water had to offer. I sat slowly, cross legged at first, and let the steaming water lap around me. I spread my fingers wide and made small waves in the pool. As the contraction became more powerful, I flipped over onto my hands and knees, leaning over plastic side, and let my whole body relax. I breathed in deeply through my nose and blew the air out of my mouth, forcing myself to relax. be calm… be like the water. The warmth of the pool leached into my bones and eased the ache. Sweat, unnoticed as it left my body, joined with the water around me. Moments seemed like hours in the comforting warmth, and I allowed myself to doze when nothing was happening. But the water was too warm; I was over-heating and I felt the world going black.

Laying on the cool, wooden floor, my wits were suddenly gathered to me by a contraction I didn’t expect. I was no longer in the pool, no longer benefiting from the easing of the heat and weightlessness. I was immediately aware of how quickly the contractions were coming, and the power with which they were moving my child within me. My breath was taken from me again and again as I struggled through the last few centimeters of dilation. I focused on my center, and relaxing, opening, progressing; but I started to doubt. I can’t do this. It’s too hard. I just want to stop, I just want a break. I began to cry when I realized I wasn’t the amazing, powerful woman I thought I was. Childbirth was too hard, and I couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to.

Finally, someone suggested that I get back into the pool. The water had been re-warmed, and I slipped in easily. My breathing slowed, my mind calmed. My thoughts floated away on the water, and my contractions spaced apart. I was weightless, effortless, careless. I rested my forehead on the side of the pool and slept. Perhaps it was only seconds, or perhaps a few minutes, but I opened my eyes feeling refreshed. I had survived transition, and it was time to push.

As the next contraction mounted, encouragement came from all around me. There was no denying the urge, and I gave in to the instinct – I pushed with my whole body, my whole being. Every part of me pushed outward, and a scream of effort tore itself from my throat. I relaxed into the calm between the contractions, laying fully into the water, letting it carry my weight for me.

With another contraction and another push, the baby had crowned.



A wave of pain and a huge burst of pressure, I knew I had delivered my child’s head.



Rush and release.

I felt my body collapse under the effort, my eyes closed from exhaustion. I felt like I floated there for hours before I heard the words, “Mandy! Pick up your baby!”

I looked down, and floating in the water beneath me was the most perfect being, the miracle I had made – my beautiful baby girl. I scooped her out of the water and into my arms as tears slid down my face.

From water, into water, surrounded by tears of love and joy, Ruby Kate was born.



  • http://twobearsfarm.blogspot.com varunner7

    How wonderful that you had a water birth. What an amazing experience. I delivered my twins meds-free but it was in a hospital.
    varunner7´s last blog post ..For the Love of Science- Memory Lane Friday

  • http://lessthanperfectmel.blogspot.com/ Mel

    Love this post. Really great, descriptive writing.
    Mel´s last blog post ..Random Tuesday Thoughts

  • http://spreadalittlethin.blogspot.com Amy

    Great piece! What a wonderful story, I love how the water calmed you so much.
    Amy´s last blog post ..top 10 spring must haves

  • http://momsaysthink.blogspot.com/ Adrienzgirl

    Powerful. I wrote a fictional piece on water birth from this prompt. However, it’s haunting and tragic. Since yours is non-fiction, I would not suggest reading it.
    Adrienzgirl´s last blog post ..Lilys Home Birth

  • http://tiaras-and-trucks.blogspot.com angela

    Beautiful and powerful, both the piece and you for birthing your little girl that way!

    Congratulations on your birth, and this is really a very powerful piece. One day Ruby will love reading it, I’m sure.

  • http://inmandyland.com Mandyland

    Wow. This was beautiful. Truly beautiful. I love natural birth stories. They seem so elemental and um…natural. :)

    What a great birth story and gift to your daughter.
    Mandyland´s last blog post ..The Storm – Part 1

  • http://www.catelinden.com Cate

    This is beautiful!

  • http://thingsicantsay-shell.blogspot.com Shell

    Loved reading your birth story.

    I think I could have had a water birth…if I could have had an epidural along with it. LOL

  • http://www.thejackb.com/ Jack

    I have been a part of childbirth, but mainly on the impregnating and ‘push hard’ side of the fence. Part of being male I suppose.

    Anyway, I suppose that if it was possible for me to give birth that water would be the place to do it.

    You did a good job of setting the scene here.
    Jack´s last blog post ..Wind and Waves

  • http://ponderingsofmom.blogspot.com/ Stasha

    Beautiful! Your writing is great. Water can have such a calming effect on you.

    I was scared beyond words when I was in labor. At the first sign of pain, I was begging for the epidural. Looking back, I regret it. They always say that hindsight’s 20/20, right?
    Stasha´s last blog post ..Pool of Memories

  • http://caitlinsconcepts.wordpress.com/ Denelle @CaitsConcepts

    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!!! A wonderful story incredibly written. Thank you for sharing it.
    Denelle @CaitsConcepts´s last blog post ..Goodbye- Ana…

  • http://thelittlemumma.typepad.com Angie

    Ooooh, I do so love a birth story. And this was beautiful.

    Your writing carried me along on such a lovely wave as the story unfolded. And I was so with you during transition. Before you mentioned it, I knew where you were in the labor.

    Just gorgeous.
    Angie´s last blog post ..Dumb Luck

  • http://writingherlife.com Ami

    Thank you for sharing such an intimate moment with us. You describe it extremely well — the emotional details as well as the physical ones are vivid.
    Ami´s last blog post ..Washed Away

  • http://adiaryofamadwoman.com Mad Woman behind the Blog

    I so wish I could have read this story before the birth of my daughter for this would have made the experience almost holy for me.
    What a beautiful story and so well told. Thank you for sharing this.

  • http://www.shadesofblueandgreen.com/ Ash

    I was there with you every single step of the way – fantastic description – just enough. This should be required reading for every woman trying to decide her birth plan. Your experience made me want to go back and give it a try.

    And that’s saying a lot, because I’m a dope-me-up kind of chicken.
    Ash´s last blog post ..If I were a real Southern Lady- I’d have some cute calling cards