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I rather abruptly ended my last blog.

The plan, as it were, was to manage the over-supply issue.  I was to do this by “block feeding.”  Without getting into too much detail, the idea is to feed from the same breast multiple times in a row until your body realizes that it’s making too much milk, and lowers production.

I began block feeding immediately after my visit on Thursday.

Ruby pooped.  On her own.  On Friday.

And Saturday.

And Sunday.

Even though we haven’t had a poop today, I consider those VICTORIES!

And that is where we stand with that.

We also had a wonderful day today.  Brock had Ruby and Ronan alone while I was working Saturday and Sunday night.  He had a terrible time – Ronan wouldn’t settle in to bed, and Ruby was up crying until later than 2am both nights.  Work was terribly busy for me, and I came home exhausted.

This morning, I rolled in around 7am, and Ruby was sound asleep.  I did a ‘dream feed’ where I nursed her without fully waking her up, and fell asleep myself.  She and I slept until 10, and then I decided it was time to get up.  Yup, 3 hours of sleep.

So!  After nap, we went to the park for two hours, and Ronan had a blast.  He has a new habit… adorbs like crazy… but kind of embarassing.  When he meets a little girl at the park/playground/mall… he tries to kiss her.  BIG puckered lips and everything.  We’re thinking it’s because we ask him to kiss Ruby all the time?  I know, no harm done, and it’s really sweet… but wow.   We don’t really know how to react.

Then Panera for dinner!  Home for bath, some laundry, watched Harry Potter… and now waiting for bed.

Despite my measly 3 hours of sleep, despite Brock’s terrible weekend, we had a wonderful day.

Life is pretty messed up like that sometimes.

  • Dahnya,

    Woo! Happy to hear things are looking up. You should capture Ronan’s ilicit kisses on film, it sounds so cute! :)
    Dahnya,´s last blog post ..mars- favoris

  • Cate

    Yay for baby poop! 😉

  • nic @mybottlesup


  • Janus

    I’m glad to hear that Ruby is doing better. I’ll bet she is glad, too, even if she can’t say anything. :)

    Ronan’s new habit sounds cute, but I can see a potential problem if he’s still doing it in preschool or kindergarten. There are some jackasses out there who will start screaming sexual harassment if he tries to kiss one of his classmates.
    Janus´s last blog post ..FoodQuest- Old Chicago