Boys out.

Ronan and his best buddy Fox were playing in the yard.  I tried to capture a bit of their fun.

Ronan and a popsicle.

Fox and a popsicle!

Ronan and Fox's popsicle. UNWANTED SHARING! Hehe!

My two favorite girls. <3

Little feet at the water table.

I LOVE this family!!



CLOSEUP FOX! Also, that is the best Grape Goatee Ever.

Our boys FINALLY learning to share!

I love how they look in wonder at airplanes.

Always behind the camera, never in front. Me and my Roo.




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  • Your photography skills are so excellent, Mandy.

    Also, the cuteness in this post is hard to take! Popsicle sharing?? I die.

  • Question! My recently 8 month old refuses “solids”.
    My concern is that she stopped nursing at 4 months so she is now strictly formula. Id like her to branch out to real nutrients and less unneeded calories.

    I’ve tried all kinds of foods. I even gave in and tried sweet fruits like bananas. And she hates it!
    The last two weeks she has been eating sugar free applesauce and Greek yogurt, but those are the only things she likes. Each meal was followed with a bottle.
    Now the last two days she has refused to eat. I don’t know how to get her to enjoy food. Part of me worries that she doesn’t like eating bc I stopped nursing.

    • Sorry it took so long for me to reply! We have been a little crazy around here.

      Now, I’m not a doctor nor an expert, so please keep that in mind!

      I wouldn’t sweat baby not taking solids so happily – some enjoy earlier than later… some take months before they’re interested. There are babies that want nothing but milk/formula until well over a year old. I would just keep offering every now and then, and judging how she does with each offer. If she refuses, wait a week or two and try again.

      If you are really concerned, consult your pediatrician. He/she should be able to guide you in the right direction. Good luck!

  • How do I guide her into healthy solids?

  • Fun photos. Looks like a great day. Ruby is getting so big!