One Step Forward.

I had a skype consult with an amazing IBCLC.  (Look ma, I gave her a chance!)  She has worked with Dr. Jack Newman, and has been a supporter of nursing women – and women in general – for years.  I didn’t ask for her permission to use her name on my blog… but suffice to say, she is wonderful.

We had a great conversation about nipple pain, and behavior, and positioning.  One of the questions she’d asked me is if Ruby has her chin to her chest while nursing; does her nose touch my breast?

Not nursing at the moment, I wasn’t entirely sure, but I’d guessed that she was correct.  She asked me to imagine going out for a run, and getting home to have a big drink of water.  She said to try to imagine trying to drink a huge glass of water as quickly as I could… with my chin tucked into my chest.  Go ahead and try it!  Try swallowing quickly a few times.  It’s uncomfortable, and awkward and difficult.  She then pointed out to me that during a nursing session with Ruby, that is probably exactly how she feels.

So!  So she gave me some pointers on how to get Ruby to extend her neck.  Besides nursing her in bed, today was the first time I had a chance to try it.  Press between her shoulder blades, hold her lower body tightly to me.  I managed a position where she was laying, looking up at me, body extended and and comfortable.  Ruby was so much more relaxed.  She played with my lips and nose.  She smiled at me.  And she stayed in the deepest latch she has in… months.  Yes, months.

I’m not saying we’re fixed, and I’m not saying that everything was perfect.  But hell… it’s a step in the right direction.

(Sorry for the quality of the pictures – they were on Brock’s old phone, and the lens was dirty!)

Notice: No claws!  No pinching!  No HANDS!  (And naked bum baby!)

  • hayley

    that is so awesome mandy! hugs

  • Becca

    YAY!! So glad you’re finding places to take steps in the right direction!! Go mama and go Ruby!!

  • Timea

    Lovely pictures. I am happy for you and glad that little tweaking made a difference. You can certainly use my name, no problem. Wish you all the best and I might see you in September.

    • Mandy

      Thank you Timea 😀

  • jessica Fleming

    yay!! Excited to hear!!

    Love naked chubby babies 😉

  • Angela

    Very very cool.

    Here’s to progress and hope!

  • Jenn-O

    Glad to hear this! Skype is such a new and great way to help moms! What a great way to start celebrating World Breastfeeding Week! Good luck and keep us posted!