Simple Things.

I was sitting on the toilet when I came up with this blog post idea.

Too much information? Blah. Too bad.

I want simple things, really.

I want…

… I want Ruby to be able to nurse happily and comfortably.
… I want my kids to be happy.
… I want my husband to have a job that fulfills him.
… I want to poop every day.
… I want my house to be the cleaner side of messy.
… I want Ronan and Ruby to sleep. At least sometimes.
… I want to not have to worry about money ALL. THE. TIME.
… I want to treat my friendships as well as I regard them.
… I want to feel rested sometimes.

… somehow, I want to balance being a mom, a wife, and a full time ultrasound tech with being MANDY. Every now and then, I want to be Mandy.

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  • Okay, #4? MITIN.

    And I’ll totally agree with you on #7.

    I want to take part in a singalong of “The History Of Everything.” The FULL version.

  • MOM

    Wish for the moon my daughter! One day you will have all of that and you will be saying where did the time go? When did my kids get big and not need me anymore? You will have more time for naps, more money for the things you want for yourself and you’ll still wish that you had your kids yelling for your attention.
    It will happen. It just takes time. Oh Yeah and a plethora of patience! Love you lots, still miss you more.

  • Sarah

    I like ur mommy! ^

    • Teehee! She’s a gooder 😀

  • Just “stumbled” across your blog…Love it!! I especially love your transparency in this one. and I don’t think your requests are unreasonable…Be Blessed!!

    • Thank you! Hehe 😀