Sneak a Peek of Piper

I had my first newborn photoshoot today.

My model was 3 day old(!) Piper.  She participated so well… only pooped twice, and let me pose her over and over again.

But… damn, I have a lot to learn.  Newborn photography is NOT easy.  Dealing with changing lighting conditions is NOT easy.  Trying to compensate for mistakes you made while shooting in post-production is NOT easy.

I’m pretty happy with how some of the shots turned out.  Heck, for my first try, it’s not too bad!

Thank you SO much Becca, for letting me learn on your gorgeous little girl.  I feel incredibly lucky.


  • Becca

    OOOOO Mandy I love love love love love love love them!! <3 You were right, that brown fabric is something awesome :) <3 Thanks so much for taking her pics, I love them!!

    • Mandy

      You are SO WELCOME Becca! I had a great time, and it was so nice to sit and chat with you. Hugs <3

  • Sarah

    Oh my goodness. She is soooo precious!

    • Mandy

      Aww, thanks Sarah! <3 you!

  • Carrie

    Ooooh the picture where she looks like a little froggie makes me want another baby so I can have pics like these…and my baby’s only 6 weeks old! So precious.

  • Janus

    Not quite Anne Geddes, but you’ll get there. :)