Ruby crawls.  Sort of.

See, people ask me all the time if Ruby is crawling yet, and I have to respond, “Well… sort of.”  This is what I mean.  Not exactly crawling, but very effective none the less!

  • Adam

    That’s hilarious! She is totally inch worming her way across the floor!

    • Mandy

      YES! My little inchworm 😀

  • Sarah

    He he. Too cute.
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  • Kristin Peterson

    i think it’s safe to say, “yes, she’s crawling.” lol. she’s really booking it across that room, too! go ruby!

  • Janus

    You know, I think Ruby was wanting to give the camera a big, wet, sloppy kiss at the end of the video.
    Janus´s last blog post ..Two Thousand One, Nine Eleven

    • Mandy

      I think so too. She LOVES my phone.

  • Dahnya,

    That cutie patootie is scootin’ like nobody’s business!!
    Dahnya,´s last blog post ..recipe jar: take one.

    • Mandy

      She really, really is! I looooooooooooove it 😀

  • Janus

    She’s quite the little squirmy worm, isn’t she?
    Janus´s last blog post ..Two Thousand One, Nine Eleven

    • Mandy

      Yes! Go go go, all the time. Gonna have a hard time holding this one back.