Family Portraits

After taking portraits for other families, it made me realize that I haven’t gotten any pictures of MY family.  Since… well, since Ruby was born.

So I dressed up my family, packed up the car, and we went to the pumpkin patch.  My darling mother-in-law came with and wielded the camera so I could be in a few shots too!  I’d love to share a few of my favorites with you.

Do not underestimate the difficulty of getting two children to look at the camera at the same time.

My sweet cherub.

He’s so much fun!

I probably couldn’t be happier with this picture.

Me and my sweet girl!

Every one looks great!… except… oh, Ruby.  Hahahahaha.

Oh… I die.

My favorite shot of the day.

Thanks for looking. <3.

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  • Those are beautiful!! You have the cutest kids 🙂 Love Ruby’s little pink bow 😉

  • MOM

    My eyes were so filled with tears I had to stop and go back when they cleared.
    I miss you all sooooo much.
    PS.Dad says Ruby has just as much hair as you did at that age!

  • Supa


  • Kim

    Oh Mandy, I LOVE THEM! You’re all GORGEOUS!

  • acjjj


  • Mandy, you have SUCH a beautiful family. And not just because you have gorgeous smiles, magnetic eyes (seriously, could Ronan and Ruby have better eyes?!), well-coordinated outfits, and the sweetest kids ever…but because you all look so happy to be together.

  • Kate

    What a beautiful family.

    Hopefully I am lucky enough to one day meet you.

    • Oh Kate! What a wonderful day that would be! I truly hope it happens. <3

  • Dahnya

    YOU MUST DO THIS MORE OFTEN!!! Mandy, every picture was absolutely gorgeous.

    • Thanks Dahnya. <3 It was a ton of fun, and I'm surprised it took me that long to get it together. I plan on making it a habit!