No, YOU didn’t write a post about Halloween until 16 days after the actual event.

*side eye*

So, whatever.  We had costumes that were passed on from friends.  Ronan had the choice of elephant and Buzz Lightyear.  Ruby was going to be either a Ladybug or a unicorn.

Fastforward to moment of dressing.  I had decided on Ladybug for Ruby, complete with black tights and black dress shoes.  Ronan had picked Elephant.  When it came time for him to step into the costume, he suddenly refused.  Instead, he picked up the “BUG!!” costume set out for Ruby, and tried to pull it on over his head.  What would have fit Ruby like a full body costume fit perfectly like a shirt for him… and he was enthralled with the antenna.  Add one pair of black striped “bug” pajama pants, and you have yourself a little boy Ladybug.

All gender issues aside, he loved his costume.  And we had a ton of fun.  Ronan’s speech therapist Emily came with us.  I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of trick or treating, but Brock and Emily kept assuring me that it would be great…. it really was great.  Ronan got the hang of “Ti-o-tee!” amazingly fast, and was so overjoyed to say hello to people giving him candy.   We spent an hour walking to houses, laughing, and enjoying the evening.  Only ONE person thought Ronan was a little girl!

When we got home, Ronan walked very seriously to the front door and asked for “More ti-o-tee pees.”  I mean really, who wouldn’t want halloween to happen more than one night a year?




It’s blurry, but I couldn’t resist.  Such a cute shot.

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  • Ronan made a great ladybug! A week or so after Halloween Simone tried to walk up to someone’s house and ring the doorbell–haha! We asked her if she was trying to trick-or-treat and she paused for a second before saying “YEAH!”

  • J Janus

    Obviously, Ronan loves the idea of trick-or-treating. What was Ruby’s reaction? She kind of has this whole “What the heck is going on?” look on her face in the photos.

    • Hah! She seemed happy to tag along for the ride. 😀