First Trimester.

I am a few short days away from the end of the first trimester of my third pregnancy.

I have found every moment of this pregnancy unusual.  From the moment I had a positive test and wasn’t sure if I was excited or upset, to the lack of nausea, to the pretty typical energy level I’ve had – nothing has felt like my first two pregnancies.

I haven’t complained.  I’ve considered myself pretty lucky.  Besides hormones making me cry like a baby every few days minutes, and feeling more short-tempered than normal, I haven’t had anything TO complain about.

And yet, suddenly, I feel like the last several weeks are catching up to me all at once.  Today, so nauseated that I couldn’t stand the idea of food.  Today, so exhausted that the idea of arguing with my 3 year old over whether or not we were going to go on a car ride reduced me to tears.  Today, so sure all I want to do is be in bed.

Maybe I’m going to have a terrible second trimester to pay back for this fantastic first one.  Maybe it’ll get me in my third.  All I know is, today I want to be in bed.  Until tomorrow.

Ronan is 3 years old, Ruby is 15 months old, and I am 12 weeks pregnant.

  • Angela

    Congratulations on the pregnancy! I hope you get your energy back soon.

    I have a question: I saw a mother nursing uncovered at the park today and I wanted to relay how supportive I was about it, but was worried about seeming creepy (I have three kids and and pregnant with #4, so I’m not sure how creepy I’d seem, but I never know). I ended up just smiling at her and giving her privacy. Do you have have a suggestion on how to say, “yea for you” without saying that? Also, if this makes no sense, forgive me. I’m exhausted. :)

    • Mandy A

      Thanks Angela!

      You know, I’ve thought the same thing again and again. I would LOVE to encourage moms who are nursing, and let them know that I appreciate their courage and determination. The only thing I’ve been able to think of that would be unobtrusive and non-creepy is to print out some “Thanks for nursing in public!” business type cards that you can hand out with a smile. Everything else seems… I dunno – like it could be taken the wrong way. Know what I mean? :)

      • Angela

        Exactly! I thought of the thumbs up, but it seemed too cavalier. I don’t know.

        At any rate, thanks for getting back to me. :)

    • Cate

      I wonder about this same thing. I mean, I’m pretty clearly NOT a creepy person, especially when toting my kids around, but I never know what to say to nursing moms, so I just smile at them. I think my mom says something like, “It is so wonderful to see women nursing their babies,” with a smile when she sees nursing moms.

  • Lisa

    I’m so happy for you. I hope one day to be as lucky as you. After waiting so long to finally be able to have a baby, I lost it at 12 weeks. You give me hope.

    • Mandy A

      I’m so sorry, Lisa :( I know how terrible a loss can be, and my heart breaks for you. I look forward to the future when you come back and say that you’re expecting a little one with joy in your heart. Good luck, love.