I want to blog.

I seriously do.  I spend a small portion of every single day thinking about what I want to blog about.  About how I want to get regularly blogging again.  Between two kids, pregnancy, working, a new house and my silly Etsy site, I don’t know where to fit it in.  Beyond that, Brock and I have been in bed at 9pm every night this week.

I think it’s time to just start practicing 5 minute blogging again.  I can write a 5 minute blog while the oven is pre-heating for dinner.  While the kids are going down for naps but not quite asleep yet.  While I wait for the dishes to cool before taking them out of the dishwasher.

I feel like I have tried to turn over a new leaf.  I have been relentless about keeping the main areas of my house clean.  Kitchen sink emptied and dishwasher run before bed.  Table wiped down.  Extras put away.  Living room tidied.  It doesn’t take that much extra time and makes a HUGE difference in my morning.  I can even do it when I’m exhausted, right before I fall into bed.  I want to keep it up.

But.  But I’m still desperately behind on laundry.  It’s clean… it’s just never put away.  And we’ve been doing cloth diapers again, which adds an extra load a day.  I feel so overwhelmed with our laundry that I want to do a SERIOUS clothing purge.  I have a feeling we could eliminate half of our clothes and still have way more than we need.

I also feel like I’ve been slacking with the bills.  Perhaps it’s just rough getting back into paying things when we haven’t had any for nearly a year.  Or we just need to get everything back on direct draft, but shew.

So many successes.  So many failures.

That is a blog for another day.  This one is done.

Ronan is 3.5, Ruby is 1.5 and I am 26 weeks pregnant.

  • mb

    I like the 5 minute blogs.

    I believe what you seem to be doing in your home is called Living With Intention. :)

    One thing we did to help with the laundry is to stop folding many of the things. I will send you a picture of how I labeled the drawers and we just stuff the clothes inside. It makes it easier for my kid to put things away without messing things up, if that makes sense.

    Hope to see more soon! <3

  • Maria

    You and I were clearly separated at birth. I totally relate mama! X