Ask Me Anything part 1: Homeschooling.

Hey friends.

I asked for ideas of what to write about, and it was met with resounding enthusiasm.  I was given many, many subject ideas and I decided that the best idea was to tackle them all, one at a time.

As of now, I’m just going to go down the list in the order that they were suggested, and write about them as I can.  It will either be in blog format, or IG format depending on the length of the answer.

Today’s topic:  Homeschooling.

I’m going to caveat this with two things.  The first is that homeschooling is an intensely personal endeavor for each family.  What works for one family will PROBABLY not work for another.  It is not “one size fits all” and we will NOT all agree on what is ‘best’.  The best we can do is look at what someone else has chosen, and trust that those parents are doing exactly what they feel is right for their own complete souls that they are guiding through life.

The second is that I have no idea if I am doing the right thing or the wrong thing.  I’m just doing what feels right for THESE complete souls.  And for myself.

We are mostly radical unschoolers, with a dash of “please learn to read.”

I currently believe that my children will learn the very best when their learning follows the path of their own desire.  When they are delving into their own interests.  When they get to ask the questions, and then follow the answers as deeply as they need to in order to be satisfied.  It has always seemed to result in the best learning for us, learning that sticks around long after the interest has gone.

We are currently using Reading Eggs in order to help the kids develop reading skills.  Other than that, we learn by living.  We spend time together.  We talk and ask questions.  We go to the library (or not).  We go grocery shopping and spend time with friends.  We have a homeschool co-op where we meet and learn together.  We watch YouTube videos on interesting subjects, and we go to museums, and we Google whatever we don’t know.

The hardest part for me, right now, is trusting that reading will come.  Holding on to the belief that, once reading fluency occurs, learning will be unstoppable.  Knowing that, when I put them in learning situations, they cannot help but learn.  We aren’t there yet, and so I’m still trusting.

This is our current path.  Everyone seems to be flourishing.  Enjoying.  Loving.  Living.  At this point, I cannot imagine learning any other way.  I’m so happy to have my kids home with me.  I’m excited to help them find their own paths through knowledge.  I look forward to guiding them in the directions that set their hearts on fire.  I feel unabashedly, unbelievably lucky.

Also, sometimes it’s hard as shit.

If you are interested, I have a blog a few pages ago that has hundreds of homeschooling and unschooling quotes that set MY heart on fire.  It’s good reading.

And that’s all!  Open to questions but totally not to judgements or denigrations!  <3