Summer Smiles.

Trying to keep up with getting pictures off of my camera.  That is all.

Bed head, crummy face, bug bites and all… I just love this guy.

Baby Led Weaning!  BANANA FACE!!

The post-bath silly smiles. She is stunning in blue.

I love the softness of this.  I think it accurately conveys his sweet nature.  I want to kiss him!

World’s Best Hug.  That is happiness right there.

She is this happy!  All the time!  We are so lucky.

Little man.  Little man pants.  Suddenly so grown up.  Potty training at 2.5 years old.

Ruby is 6 months old, bouncing her way to crawling.  Ronan is 2 years and 6 months.

I Learned.

Just for fun, I’m participating in a link up about how much we’ve learned since we took our cameras to manual mode.

I have learned:

  • I suddenly pay a lot of attention to the light.
  • Sometimes I’d rather adjust the aperture than the shutter speed – especially when chasing!
  • I set my auto focus point to the center of the frame, and then focus on eyes… then I keep my button half pressed and frame my shot – that way, no matter how I frame my shot, the eyes are always in focus.
  • Don’t pass up good lighting!
  • Sometimes a high ISO is better than a blurry shot.
  • I keep my camera on multi-shot. I rarely use it… but sometimes, something so wonderful happens that 3-4 of the same shot turns out the one perfect one I may have missed as I stopped to check the replay of the shots.
I took this picture just over a year ago, when I purchased my camera. It was the second day I had it, and I wanted to start out in manual mode. I played with the shutter speed, aperture and ISO for hours before trying it out on Ronan. When I captured this, I couldn’t BELIEVE how good a picture it was. I just kept on improving from there.

And this is one of the pictures I took recently of Ruby. I can probably say it’s the best picture I’ve taken yet. I naturally start to frame pictures in my mind, and can imagine how the finished product might look. It’s a process!

…and I hope to keep on learning!

Click it Up a Notch

Just A Bunch of Pictures

I have been taking lots and sharing few.

Also, I got a new lens for my camera.  I have a few pictures from before I started using my 50mm f/1.8 (which I LOVE) and a few from after.

First, a terrible picture of Ruby… but an amazing hand-knit sweater from my Grandma Fran.  Simply Amazing.

So lovely.

Chillin’.  Sometimes, when Ruby is fussy, she does really well if you just lay her down… she wants a little alone time.

This is my best attempt at a brother-sister shot so far.  Not working out so well.

I think she’s gonna be a pretty blue-eyes like her big brother.

Pictures from here on out are with my new lens!

The focus is wrong, but I love the picture anyways!  Ronan’s favorite hang-out.

Playin’ wild with Dad!

I love to watch them.  Oh so very much.


Sweet Ruby face!

And even though I just took this picture a few minutes ago, it’s my new favorite.

I still have a lot to learn – about photography, lighting, my new lens… but I’m having a lot of fun.  And catching some great memories while I’m at it.