Busy busy.

I don’t know where to begin.

It’s Thursday already.  Where does the time go?

I have to work again on Saturday.  I feel like I just got home, and already it’s time to go back.

We had a wonderful week.  Lots of outside/park time, tons if inside family time.  Meals at the dinner table.  A bunch of cuddles and fun.

Little things make me happy right now.

Today, I had a shower before Ruby got up, and I got to do things like shave my legs and clip my toenails.

Ruby is pooping every day.  That, my friends, is a victory worth celebrating.

Ronan has little boy bruises all over his legs.  Each one is like a trophy.

Ruby smiles every time she sees her daddy.

I love watching Tangled.  Ronan loves it too.

When Ronan gives a big hug, he pats you on the back.  It seriously kills me.

Ruby finally likes the swing.  Things have actually gotten done around the house this week.

We have ants.  A little thing that makes me UNhappy.  Also, it’s impossible to keep all food off the floor with a toddler.

Ruby has woken up 16 times in the time it has taken me to write out this jumble of thoughts.  I should probably go to bed.

Also?  I love breastfeeding and co-sleeping with my babe.

Yeah, it’s the small things.






Ronan is 2 years and 2 months old, Ruby is 2 months old.

Thoughts on Tuesday

It is 5:55 am.

I have been awake for a few hours.   I made a good ol’ attempt to fall back asleep, and short of that I decided to get out of bed and eat something.

I didn’t eat very well yesterday.

I can hear Ronan coughing in his room, and it’s breaking my heart.  My throat hurts so badly I don’t want to swallow, and I know he feels just as sick as I do – but he can’t tell us.

We have had a bed time breakthrough. (Thanks to Brock!)

Apparently, we thought we were being good parents by going and checking on Ronan every 20-30 minutes after we put him in bed, despite his having difficulty falling asleep.  We didn’t want him to think he was alone, or that we didn’t care.  We would offer him a drink, a snack, a diaper change and a cuddle.

Apparently, children as  young as 23 months are able to manipulate their parents into giving them a reason to stay awake.  As of Sunday night, when he is put in bed, we do not go in again.  As of LAST night, his 2-3 hour bed time sleep battle lasted a short 25 minutes.  When he realized we weren’t coming in, he stopped playing and yelling, and he went to sleep.


My baby girl changed positions last night.  She’s always been laying down my right side with her feet at the left.  Now her bottom is straight up the center, and I don’t know where her feet are.  Suddenly, my belly feels weird.  Things are changing!

I haven’t gotten much in order since the last time I shared any updates.  I started taping off the moulding in the baby room so I could paint it PINK!  I say PINK! because it’s not a calm, quiet little pink.  Baby, that pink is PINK!  I still want to hand paint flowers on the wall, so I have to get around to that as well.

I packed a birthing bag.  One step in the right direction!

My midwife visit yesterday was rescheduled to today.  I always look forward to them, even though they are weekly now – which seems VERY frequent.

Today… TODAY we find out if Ronan got in to the 2-year program at the preschool down the street!  I am very excited!  Classes don’t start until September, but it would be great if he got a spot.

Mom and Dad bought their plane tickets.  They get here on the 16th of February.  My due date, in case you have forgotten, is the 12th of February.  It has added a whole new level of joy and anxiety to everything.  What if I haven’t had her by then?!  What if I don’t have her before they LEAVE??

No!  We still don’t have a name picked out.  HONESTLY.

Man.  Writing all this stuff out really helps.

I am really, really happy lately.  In love with my life.  I am enjoying every moment, and looking forward to the future.  I don’t write words like that very often… and it feels really nice.


I am 38 weeks and 3 days pregnant, and Ronan is 23 months old.


I’m finding it harder and harder to believe how little time we have left before this baby girl arrives.  I’m also thinking very optomistically – 40 weeks or further.  Realistically, if I go before then, I have less time than I am banking on.

Ronan woke last night at 4:30 am.  I left him in his room and watched him on the video monitor, hoping that he would just go back to sleep.  He mewled and tossed and turned for a while.  Then he sat up and signed, “Help please.”  So I went up to his room and asked him what he needed.  He said, “Down!” and signed “food.”

I brought him downstairs to try to find something in the house I could feed him.  We settled for crackers and a cup of milk.  I brought him back to his bed, laid him down and said goodnight.  He went back to sleep immediately.

I went back to bed and laid wide awake for nearly two hours.

My mind stirs and stirs, and I can’t think of a way to make it stop.  I have a huge mental list of everything I’d like to do, and the worst problem is that I KNOW I can do all of it… I just never get started.  I need to get better at getting started.

For the first time this pregnancy (and maybe ever) I decided to get up and do something, rather than sit and fume in bed.  So I rolled out at nearly 7 am, made a cup of tea, and got to work.  I did the dishes, cleaned the counters, organized the pantry and drawers, cleaned out the fridge, and started to hand mop the floor.  When Brock and Ronan got up, I made cheesy eggs and ham for everyone.

I don’t feel like I ever really nested with Ronan, but I’m hoping this energy and desire to get things done continues right up until when she comes!

We still haven’t started working on the nursery project yet, but that’s slated for Thursday.  I told Brock today that all I want is to have the house completely cleaned, carpets done and bedrooms switched before she gets here.  The rest is just details.

I also joined a 365 photo project for the first time!  I’m going to try to post my 7 pictures for the week every Saturday.  This is going to be a challenge for me, because the only thing I do reliably every day is sleep, and even sometimes I don’t manage to do that.

This post is a little all over the place, but oh well.  That’s how my brain feels lately.  Work tomorrow!  I’ve had my spirits boulstered by thinking about how many weekends I have left to work until she comes, rather than weeks themselves.  It’s the little things that help get me through.

I am 34 weeks and 3 days pregnant.  Ronan is 22 months old.

Productive? Or Just Busy.

Ronan and I have spent the last two days running around like… well, like Leslie Quilter.  (Rogers.  But you will always be Quilter to me, babe!)

This is funny, because Leslie has been nearing the end of pregnancy for ages, hauling her (GORGEOUS) ‘torpedo’ belly around, as well as her toddler.  She gets out of the house EVERY SINGLE DAY.  And every day that I read her blog, I am amazed, and envious, and blown away.  In other news, she is having her new baby boy TODAY, and I can’t wait to see pictures and hear his name!!!

Beside all of that, this is how our days have looked.

Yesterday morning, I got up at 8am, and left Ronan in bed.  I showered, washed my hair, shaved, and then got dressed.  After that, I put on makeup and did my hair.  These things are amazing because I can’t actually remember the last time they happened.

I got Ronan up, fed him breakfast, dressed him, and we hit the road.  First we went to Shoe Carnival, where I picked out a new pair of flats for the winter.  I’ve been needing shoes DESPERATELY, so it was finally time.  I new the moment we walked in the door that the massive displays of shoes, with boxes hanging over the sides and carts with wheels would prove to be too much for my busy little boy, so I snagged a bag of Skittles from the check out counter.  Every time he wandered too far or touched something he shouldn’t have, I called out, “Ronan!  Come here and have a bite!”

I think we left with him eating less than a quarter of the bag, and it was a very successful trip.  I got some cute shoes, and I didn’t get frustrated or overwhelmed.

We packed up into the car and headed up to Mooresville.  We had a lunch date with my ladies, Dana and Amanda (and baby G!).  A late nap meant that Amanda and G couldn’t make it, but Dana and I sat and chatted.  I find myself having a difficult time having conversations with adults when Ronan is there and constantly having to correct or redirect him.  But he was actually very well behaved for the outing.  He ate a TON of rice, chicken, cooked carrots and broccoli, so that was a huge WIN.

Near 12:30, we packed back into the car, much to Ronan’s chagrin, and started back home.  As soon as we got in the house, I laid him down in his bed.  I took his shoes and clothes off, changed his diaper, and then left him.  He fell asleep immediately!  Being busy is sure good for nap times.

When we both woke from our naps, around 3:30, I saw that my lovely friend Laura had invited us to go to the Huntersville Discovery Place with her.  She has two guest passes, and it was a hard offer to pass up!  We re-dressed, ate a snack, and headed out!  This place, people, is seriously amazing.  If you have kids and you haven’t gone, you NEED TO.  Ronan had a blast playing in the toddler area, as well as the drive up ‘bank’ station that had a Mustang convertible that was EXACTLY his size.  He sat in that thing for nearly 20 minutes.  When the kids center closed at 5, we headed home with a quick stop at Chik fil A for dinner.  Ronan went to bed early, and slept well… and so did I.

TODAY, we had planned to go back to the Discovery Place, but when we got there… the line up was almost a block long.  Evidently today was a no-school day in the public school district.  Ronan and I waited in line for about 10 minutes (which is 10 minutes longer than a toddler wants to wait for ANYTHING) and when Laura arrived, Ronan was showing his (admittedly cute) butt.  I told her I didn’t really think it was a good idea to continue waiting, as it looked like there were at least another 10 minutes to go.  We agreed upon a backup plan, and headed to Northlake Mall with our boys.

The playplace in the mall is hit or miss.  There are either too many kids there, too few kids there, or too big kids there.  This morning, however it was HIT!  There were a bunch of little ones there (all at or around Ronan and Fox’s age) and someone had brought BALLOONS.  It was a genius idea.  Both of the boys were running around, laughing and chasing balloons.  It lasted for all of 20 minutes before Ronan signed “All Done” and we agreed to go get lunch.

Mall Food Court lunch was actually successful as well.  Both boys ate, sat patiently while we ate, and then played for another 20-30 minutes in the food court kid area.  We had packed up our things, and then decided to take a last minute trip into Borders to check out some kids books.  I have been wanting to buy some alphabet flash cards for Ronan for a while, and couldn’t find any.  The Border’s childrens book area?  Lasted for another 30 minutes.  The boys were VERY well behaved, put toys back when they were done with them, and didn’t destroy ANYTHING.

All in all, we went home feeling tired and very successful.  When I laid Ronan down in his crib, I took his pants and socks off, changed his diaper, and left.  When I checked on him 15 minutes later, he was sound asleep and HADN’T MOVED.  He fell asleep exactly where I laid him.  Tired boy.

A great two days, even if it meant no time for blogging or Twitter.  Have to work tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday night.  Halloween!  Woo!

Another One Gone.

There you have it.  Another long, awful weekend behind me.

My life is the series of weeks that happen between weekends.  I feel like time goes by so quickly when I realize that there are only 52 weekends in the year, and I feel like I’m always working.

I’m thinking of doing a new Monday feature, because I have such a hard time getting up and going in the morning.  I have lots of lovely bloggers that I follow, and would love to know more about, as well as share with all of my readers.  I think I’m going to create an interview, and send it to all of my favorite blogs, and post one of the interviews every Monday.  That way, you’d get to know some of my bloggers and why I love them – and I would always have some great Monday content.  Sounds win-win to me.

Work was super-crazy-busy this weekend.  I hardly had a moment to breathe.  I’m glad it’s over.

I just found a stain on one of my favorite shirts.  That makes me really mad.

My contacts are dry, and I want to take them out, but the day is just barely started. (For me, anyways.)

It’s GORGEOUS out, and I want to take Ronan out when he gets up from his nap.  Who knows what we’ll do.  I can’t wait for the pool to open.

I am dangerously addicted to Sprite lately.

I’m thinking of re-naming my cat “Cuddles.”  He’s been sitting on my lap as often as possible for the last 2 weeks.

Need to do LAUNDRY!  And vacuum.

I still have a head ache.  I’ll never look at romantic candlelight the same way again.

Seriously, kid, are you ever going to wake up?

That is my thought-stream of the day.  About all I’ve got.  On to writing an interview!