Tweet Story.

It has been FOREVER since I wrote for TRDC (now called Write on Edge!) but it’s hard to ignore that the joy I get from writing creatively is immense.  The prompt this week is too good to pass up!  Write a story the length of a tweet – 140 characters.  I could do a bunch of these.  Here’s what I came up with on my first attempt.


She fell in love. It didn’t even hurt. Much. She didn’t know if he loved her back, but she was going to try anyways. That’s what love does.



Another writing piece!

I am going to try to participate in this more regularly, so you can expect to see more of these. I really enjoy writing them, so I hope you enjoy reading them.

This weeks prompt:

Water gives life. It also takes it away.

Write a short piece – fiction or non-fiction – inspired by one or both of these statements.

Word maximum is 600.


My contractions were fierce and regular, just minutes apart with little respite between.

I watched the water level rise in the dark blue birthing pool set in the middle of the room. Impatiently, I walked round and round, dreading each contraction as it arose. I was demanding and focused wholly within myself; my loving husband was subject to my every desire. The pressure of the contractions required his counter-pressure, and he couldn’t be more than an arms reach away without the thready wisps of panic beginning in my belly along with another wave of pain.

I didn’t ask. The pool was nearly half full, so I stepped in. My foot recoiled involuntarily from the unexpected heat, but I pressed on. Another contraction was mounting, and I desperately wanted whatever relief the water had to offer. I sat slowly, cross legged at first, and let the steaming water lap around me. I spread my fingers wide and made small waves in the pool. As the contraction became more powerful, I flipped over onto my hands and knees, leaning over plastic side, and let my whole body relax. I breathed in deeply through my nose and blew the air out of my mouth, forcing myself to relax. be calm… be like the water. The warmth of the pool leached into my bones and eased the ache. Sweat, unnoticed as it left my body, joined with the water around me. Moments seemed like hours in the comforting warmth, and I allowed myself to doze when nothing was happening. But the water was too warm; I was over-heating and I felt the world going black.

Laying on the cool, wooden floor, my wits were suddenly gathered to me by a contraction I didn’t expect. I was no longer in the pool, no longer benefiting from the easing of the heat and weightlessness. I was immediately aware of how quickly the contractions were coming, and the power with which they were moving my child within me. My breath was taken from me again and again as I struggled through the last few centimeters of dilation. I focused on my center, and relaxing, opening, progressing; but I started to doubt. I can’t do this. It’s too hard. I just want to stop, I just want a break. I began to cry when I realized I wasn’t the amazing, powerful woman I thought I was. Childbirth was too hard, and I couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to.

Finally, someone suggested that I get back into the pool. The water had been re-warmed, and I slipped in easily. My breathing slowed, my mind calmed. My thoughts floated away on the water, and my contractions spaced apart. I was weightless, effortless, careless. I rested my forehead on the side of the pool and slept. Perhaps it was only seconds, or perhaps a few minutes, but I opened my eyes feeling refreshed. I had survived transition, and it was time to push.

As the next contraction mounted, encouragement came from all around me. There was no denying the urge, and I gave in to the instinct – I pushed with my whole body, my whole being. Every part of me pushed outward, and a scream of effort tore itself from my throat. I relaxed into the calm between the contractions, laying fully into the water, letting it carry my weight for me.

With another contraction and another push, the baby had crowned.



A wave of pain and a huge burst of pressure, I knew I had delivered my child’s head.



Rush and release.

I felt my body collapse under the effort, my eyes closed from exhaustion. I felt like I floated there for hours before I heard the words, “Mandy! Pick up your baby!”

I looked down, and floating in the water beneath me was the most perfect being, the miracle I had made – my beautiful baby girl. I scooped her out of the water and into my arms as tears slid down my face.

From water, into water, surrounded by tears of love and joy, Ruby Kate was born.




The Red Dress Club had a photo prompt this week.

When I looked at the photo titled “Resigned“, I didn’t think about how creative I could be… all I could think about was the number of times I’ve cried lately.

Just last night, I cried when I put Ronan to bed and he was coughing so hard he was gasping.  I cried because I couldn’t do anything for him, and it was killing me.

I cried when I watched this season’s premier of House.

I cried yesterday afternoon when I watched Toy Story 3 for the first time.

I cried this weekend when I scanned a patient that was having a miscarriage after she had just lost her 11 day old daughter to an infection she acquired while she was in the hospital.  I cried and cried and cried.

This morning, someone I care about got some very good news, and I spent a few minutes wiping away happy tears.

I know I’m hormonal, and things just seem to make me so much more emotional than they usually do, but I don’t mind.

It feels good to cry.

Also, I will be posting some pictures shortly.  It’s been a while!

The Birth Of A Blog Post.

*tap keys*

*tap keys*


*tap keys*

*check Twitter*

*check Facebook*

*wiggle toes*

*think about using the restroom*


*tap keys*

Target.  Have to go to Target.  Need a good grocery shop.

It’s Wednesday.  I have to work tonight.

Laundry in the dryer, needs to be put up.  Should wash another load.

Want to put some shorts on and go outside.  It’s gorgeous out.  We should go play.

I need to get dressed.

I really need to go pee.

What do I write about today?  Sleep stuff?  Am I ready for that yet?

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve taken any pictures.  I need to post some pictures.

*lick lips*

*stomach grumbles*

I should probably eat something else.

It’s so quiet in here when Ronan is napping.

Ugh.  PLEASE let today be better than yesterday, I can’t take all the whining.

Maybe we can go to a movie tonight… oh yeah, I have to work.

*check Twitter*

*click teeth together*

I need to comment on some posts!

I need to eat.

*blink, blink*

Ok, Mandy.  Get a move on.

I still need to pee.

WHAT do I write about today?

*tap keys*

Is it possible to write about nothing?

It must be possible.

I’m going to write about NOTHING.  Here goes…

And THAT, people, is how a blog post gets written.